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A softcore JAV porn movie staring the gorgeous Asakura Michiru posing and playfully flirting in her own solo nude video.  This cute girl is just 18 years old and has the greatest big boobs but its her beautiful smile and face that really got me excited.  She is one lovely Japanese girl who loves to flirt and show off her sexy body which she does here, bending over with upskirt views to give you a good look at her sweet feminine curves and ass.

A nice change from the hardcore Japanese porn videos, this movie is a simple treat with a cute teen girl teasing and showing off her sexy nude Japanese body with no guys around to spoil things.  If only I could take her home with me to satisfy that itch between her legs.


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First time Jav porn staring cute Japanese amateurs in a sex competition

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If your a fan of JAV porn then you will have most likely heard of soft on demand studios which is an adult video production company in Japan known for their creative releases and their amateur models.  Today they are looking for the next big thing and they bring a group of amateur japanese porn hopefuls to demonstrate their stuff in the hopes of becoming the next big JAV idol.

This is a competition where the girls must give their best performance and show off their sexy skills.  At first a little shy as its their first time on video and all of it is filmed in front of a huge crowd of studio executives but soon the girls are stripped naked and sucking dick letting go of their inhibitions and getting a thick load of sperm in their mouths!


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Naked Japanese schoolgirls JAV Porn with horny Asian teens having sex with each other and their teachers

naked Japanese schoolgirls exercise in the park

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Today is naked day at school and no clothes are to be worn anywhere on the campus.  The girls must take their lessons fully nude and even their nude gym class where they run around the oval completely naked as their horny male teachers chase them with their cocks out!  Lots of Japanese lesbians action in this one as well as some hardcore boy girl teen sex.

The sexy Japanese schoolgirls also indulge in some extra curricular activities with their the male teachers and get some tips to improve their sex skills.  At one point a bunch of bully girls gang up on some nerdy girls and dominate them in the middle of the gym forcing them into a wild schoolgirl gangbang orgy as many other naked girls crowd around and marvel at the exciting sex show unfolding in front of them.  A great video for those who love to see big groups of naked girls all in one place with around 30 teen girls in this xxx video.


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Bizarre JAV bondage porn movie with submissive girl tied up, humiliated and fucked

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This is one bizarre and hardcore Japanese BDSM Video with a totally gorgeous Asian Milf hottie who gets tied up and tormented by her abusive captors as she must submit to their most perverted sexual desires.

She is humiliated and tortured as her master pours hot candle wax all over her naked Japanese body and large boobs.  He even forces her to raise her ass up in the air and proceeds to stick flowers into her asshole using her butt as some sort of decorative flower vase!  This guy is totally nuts but watching this sexy Japanese babe submit to the whims of her master is totally a turn on and very erotic and kinky.  Another Japanese porn video that demonstrates the imaginative and unique approach that you only see in the JAV porn industry.


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JAV porn movie with shaved pussy Japanese schoolgirls fucking in the classroom

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Welcome to the paipan schoolgirls educational institution, a school where scholastic excellence consists of more than just studying books and maths but requires learning about the finer points of giving blowjobs and fucking!  In this Japanese porn these shaved pussy schoolgirls are determined to get an A+  by fucking and sucking their way to glory!

Lucky for these hot Japanese schoolgirls they have a great teacher who is very talented and demonstrates her skills on a male student by giving him a blowjob and letting him cum in her mouth as the female students watch attentively.  The girls are fast learners though and are soon milking cum from guys dicks like total professionals but not just that they also spend their spare time pleasuring each other licking pussy and plugging each others moist twats in some great Japanese lesbian scenes.  A great jav porn movie with a nice xxx cosplay theme that is very popular on site and one not to be missed Winking smile

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Jav stars from moodyz studio take their male fans on a bus trip sex holiday to paradise

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I love how they do this sort of thing in Japan and you see it quite a bit from some of the adult studios there.  To show their appreciation for some of their biggest fans the crew at Moodyz studio carefully selected 18 hot jav actresses to go on a roadtrip to a tropical resort and take some of their fans with them for a wild and debauched sex holiday.  The focus of this years event was tanned Japanese babes with blonde hair who made to sure to give extra special attention to the guys on the bus with them.

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As the bus travelled along everyone had lots of fun with events such as karaoke to the girls giving blowjobs on the bus and even hardcore group orgies.   At a whopping 8 hours this dvd is an all out sex party marathon

massive group of naked japanese ladies party with their fans


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Japanese party girls and bar girls dancing and stripping naked on stage

Japanese party sluts dancing and stripping nude on stage


Well this one was interesting in a bit of a what the fuck? kinda way.  I’m not even sure if these girls are actual adult video actresses or just regular bar girls putting on a drunk sex party show for the cameras.  It takes you into the world of a Japanese gentlemans club and basically consists of watching a large group girls on stage putting on a sexy and erotic show.  Maybe this is what the gogo bar scene is like in Japan.

The girls dance and gyrate to the music with lots of suggestive posing and teasing as they gradually strip down to their naked bodies and play with each other simulating sex acts and waving to the camera.  I wish I could get to Japan and see this sort of action live for myself.

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Popular Jav idol Maria Ozawa staring in her first anal sex and double penetration movie

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Maria Ozawa is perhaps one of the best known jav actresses in the world and it’s not hard to see why.  This girl is absolutely stunning and one of the most interesting things about her is that she actually started out in mainstream television in Japan appearing on Pepsi adds and other promotions before moving on to star in a long list of porn and bukkake videos and getting fucked in the ass such as in the video above.  Nice move Maria, we all appreciate it.

A mixed race girl she is also one of the few in the Japanese porn scene who can speak English since she has one parent who is of western descent.  One of the favourites in the biz this video is her first time anal sex on video and it’s pretty damm hot.  She bends over on all fours and instead of the usual mosaic of blurring of genitals that you see in Japanese xxx movies they put a tiny covering over her pussy lips.

The funny thing is that the Japanese censorship laws allow them to display a girls asshole without any blurring at all so we get some nice close up view of her tight Asian ass before one of the luckiest guys ever gets to stick his cock in there.  It seems like it hurts a bit for her at first but she soon warms up to the sensation of her ass being rammed by cock.  An amazing actress and amazing to see her in an anal sex movie which despite all their crazy fetishes are actually not so common in Japan.

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nation naked day holiday in Japan where no clothes are allowed

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Now why don’t we have a holiday like this, it’s such a good idea so of course the perverts in Japan are the ones to come up with it.  Its national naked day and that means that clothing is not optional but instead is strictly forbidden.  In Japan everyone follows the rules so when one girl turns up to class wearing her traditional schoolgirl uniform her male teacher who is standing by the blackboard is absolutely furious.  He screams at her and demands that she explains herself before he forces her to remove her clothes and get naked like all the other good girls in class.

As you can imagine the day is a highlight on the calendar for all the boys in town who seem to sit around the place stroking their dicks while checking out the pretty ladies wandering about the place.  In the morning many of the young girls are quite embarrassed at being nude in public by soon warm up at the sights of many erect penises on display and public sex is often on show.  Walking by you can even see such strange and exotic sights like a cute girl giving a blowjob to one of the guys on a park bench.

One of the girls at school even gets fucked by another pupil in the middle of the classroom and her teacher does not even attempt to stop it, in fact he watches on and begind to jerk his cock before he joins in on the action and fucks the student himself and even cums on her face much to the excited shock of the rest of the class!

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Asian pov eye contact movie staring amazing and beautiful actress Yuma Asami

eye contact por japanese video


Seriously just look at this girl, she is positively gorgeous and has the most amazing Asian eyes that are really hypnotic.  So that’s what the focus of this movie is all about.  Eye contact with the camera is the name of the game here and Yuma Asami is quite the sexy performer.

Although there is nothing too extreme about this video that’s what makes it such a nice change for me, she is such a sensual woman and with those eyes staring up at you like a deer caught in headlights while she is giving a pov blowjob, well its just something that gets me so aroused.  Hardcore sex, titty fucking and lots os soft and sensual blowjob action, I felt like I could fall in love with this beautiful Asian lady and I’m surprised I haven’t seen her in any other adult videos yet.  I wonder if she is still in the scene, I can only hope so.

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